working title : ......................................---------------------------------------------.......blowing in the wind

Proposal for Metamatic Research Initiative
from Staalplaat Sound System

concept :

To realise a new kinetic sound & light work, autonomous & unplugged, generating a composition that is created by a combination of factors.

Engaging with the public is a crucial part of SSS work. The works are not complete until interaction with the viewer has been achieved. in addition the aspect of OFF THE GRID autonomy for this work provides independence from city power supplies that is very appealing to us.

materials :

Using a simple bicycle hub generator, flexible solar panels and gravity driven mechanical sound generators, 'klappoteks'-

Sixteen 3.50m tall poles with bicycle wheels on top are arranged in a 9 mtr diameter circle.

Each unit is divided into column and head section apart from the resulting tone that they make they are identical.
The top section swivels according to wind direction.

When wind blows the wheels turn and charge batteries stored in the column of the unit. When sun shines the solar panel plus wind vanes charge the batteries.

At night the work is illuminated by a light composition.

Foot pedal located at the base of each column is used to engage the sound mechanism. The pedal is 'pumped' and in turn raises a weight located inside the column. The weight then is released in turn driving a pulley system which engages the mechanical sound generators. All mechanics are hidden inside the column and head sections to protect from weather.

The composition is affected by the following factors. Firstly the sound generators are individually tuned by us. Secondly the user, how high they pump the weight and which unit or units they select. Thirdly the weather conditions. Lastly a communication system will be implemented between the units. Based on a laser and sensor combination that measures the acoustic activity of its neighbour. It will generate a sense of harmony and organisation that in time influences the sonic experience. The composition principles could be best compared to the flocking behaviour animals such as birds and fish exhibit when moving in groups.

When the installation is passive it just generates electricity. When activated by physical labor it creates differing rhythmical and a-rhythmical sounds that then can be tuned by participant giving unlimited possibilities.

This is just a proposal for a new work. Meaning its final shape will be defined by the creative process when building it.