two proposals for Echigo-Tsumari Triennal


proposal 1 :

title of work:                .................................. -----------------------------------.............Border Lines


To define the border lines of selected rice fields with light allowing observation of the relationships between changing natural light and artificial light as well as how humans define borders in relationship to natures parameters. Border Lines will allow the observation of the crossover between natural and rural landscapes via the illuminated man made border lines described by the rice fields. Raising the topic of the pastoral which has been varyingly defined by writers as 'unified harmony' 'a child-like simplicity' 'social stratification in the countryside' but which is more commonly known as referring to the lifestyle of rural people who live and work according to the changing seasons.

description :

EL wire ( electroluminescence ) is laid following the contours defined by the rice field. Solar power unit charges batteries during the day which then supply all power to EL wire. At sunset a sensor will switch power on to EL wire. As ambient light conditions decrease the selected rice fields shape will be defined against the dark night. Selected rice field should be observable by neighborhood houses at night. This is a work for the community who live and work in the area. Border Lines autonomous system uses light to provide light.


Products are commercially available and will be purchased in Europe. System will be set up and tested in artist studio in Berlin Germany. Materials will then be shipped to Echigo-Tsumari site and installed by the artist.


Materials will include solar panel 45cm x 98 x 4, plastic box 80cmx50x50 containing electronics, EL wire 5mm diameter length depends on size of rice field, but not longer than 50mtr. Artist will bring basic tools.


Installation and testing of work will need between 5 and 6 days to be done by the artist.

Day 1-2: inspection and testing of technical materials and proposed site.

Day 3-5: installation of light wire and solar system.

Day 6:     testing of installation.


2950€ materials for 1 rice paddy field ::

solar system 800€ --

EL wire 450€ --- additional materials 200€ - production costs -1500€ ---

TOTAL for 3 fields 2950 x 3 = 8,850€ = about 961,400 yen  

+ artist travel & accommodation


sample of EL wire


proposal 2 :


title of work: ................................... --------------------------------------------------------------...................Outside In

concept :

A study about the spaces we make and their crossover into natural space. Using camera obscura techniques to project in real time virtual images of the outside world to the intimate   personal world inside, that is,   inside a home a school, a factory building. Using the camera obscura technique the outside landscape is brought into a building overlaying both outside man made space and natural space onto inside manmade space illustrating how we define our relationship to nature. Regimented structured space, a rice field, a road, a park outside projected to the inside of a regimented structured space that is a building.

description :

An appropriate building will have all windows covered to block out all daylight. Fitted in the walls custom made medium size lenses with focal lengths between 2 & 4 mtrs. Each lens, using natural sunlight only, will project inside the building either on to the walls or floor a circular image of the world outside.

production :

Curators and artist will select an appropriate building to be used. Custom lenses will then be fabricated here in Europe.   Carpenters from Echigo-Tsumari will prior to artists arrival make building/rooms light safe by covering, with dense wood, windows and small holes that let in daylight. Artist will then fit lenses accordingly.

materials :

Lenses very in size from 50mm to 100mm in diameter.

Wood sheets will be used to cover any windows.

schedule :

5-6 days will be needed to ensure effective and correct installation. Placement, arrangement can only really be decided from an artistic point of view on site as this is a site specific project.

budget :

Lenses = 2500euros ---

wood/gaffer/screws miscellaneous building materials 1500 ----

production costs 1500 .

TOTAL = 5500euros = about 597,481 yen

+ artist travel and accommodation