'changing room' puts the participent into a familiar environment; a room with a chair, tv and headphones.On seeing the chair, the viewer instinctively sits, puts on the headphones and procedes to stare at the monitor and read the text on screen .The monitor shows a still image of the room with text overlay. Text refers to our tools for perception i.e.eyes, ears and how much of the information,unconsciously gathered, is catalogued as 'irrelevant' in our conscious mind. Through the headphones one hears live sounds picked up by microphones in the building, sounds which are usually so quite as to be inaudible. Distractions are in place , focus is elsewhere and during this period the ceiling of the room comes down slowly and stops a few inches above users head, and stays down until user stands up. Totally unaware that their environment has drastically changed the user after 5 min's or so decides to leave, stands up and immediately is confronted with their perceptive catalogue of events, "when" "how" -- shock and surprise greet the brain.