CAIRADIO -sound installation

realised in Cairo for the Open Studio project. An international residency programme in Downtown Cairo exploring creative approaches to sound. CAIRADIO'S low quality distorted sounds heard from cheap radios while wandering around the Downtown district of Cairo. CAIRADIO'S raw presentation, i.e. speakers hanging off wires and exposed circuit boards, reflects the sometimes chaotic installation methods used by locals & utlility companies.

laser modulation of audio was acheived by simply adding the output signal of the cassette player, via the headphone socket, to laser voltage supply. The additional varying voltage is carried along the laser beam and picked up by a photodiode. Some simple electronics, a couple of transistors plus a few resisitors, amplifies the signal. Cheap car tweeter speakers then emit the modulated sound. Poor quality of final audio is due to the simplistic components used. All materials were purchased in Cairo.