June 2014 Deutzer Brücke Köln :

Staalplaat Soundsystem were invited by Therapeutische Hörgruppe to make an installation inside the Deutzer Brücke as part of Brueckenmusik 20th anniversary. So finally after many failed attempts the project Good Vibrations could be realised. Not however as original conceived on the underside of raised railway tracks and powered by solar / wind harvesting but rather plugged into the mains and located inside the actual bridge, the space usually accessed by maintenance personal only. The inside of the Deutzer Brueke is a long slightly curved concrete tunnel split into 3 sections. Each section around 150mtr long. 80 vibrations sensors, based on a Forrest M Mimms III circuit, were mounted in the middle section of the bridge. 12 large wooden boxes with electric sanding machines bolted to them were placed in each section of the tunnel, 3 in the end tunnels 6 in the middle tunnel. 12 smaller wood boxes with customised mechanical music boxes were also placed at regular intervals in the 1st and 2nd tunnel. A simple line following robot was placed in the 3rd tunnel. A 40 minute composition played the wooden boxes. The vibrations caused by the rumbling of the large wooden sound boxes and in addition the vibrations caused by the tram traffic triggered the sensors switching the LEDs.