comissioned for 2nd edition of Project Biennial D-0 ARK Underground, Bosnia and Herzegovina
located in an Atomic shelter named ARK, which the Yugoslav army built between 1953 and 1979

Mechanical Advantage describes a scenario when humanity is left alone dependant on their own resourcefulness in order to survive. By using simple devices, products scavenged from the consumer age, combined with mechanical techniques Mechanical Advantage addresses a simple Off the Grid solution to electrical production. A mechanical device comprised of a wheel and a small generator is attached to a wall, weights are attached to the wheel. When the door to the room is opened the weights are raised. As the door closes the weights fall the wheel turns and power is generated and used to produce light and sound in morse code . . . - - - . . . the distress signal S O S. No electronics are used, a mechnical switch creates the precise ON OFF rhythm needed for the morse code. The switch is triggered by an arrangement of plastic ribs on the wheel rim.

The confines of the small room where the only illumination is the flashing light combined with, as the door closes, the diminishing ambient light leaves the user alone in a dark room with the  echoes of light and sound.


- Mechanical Advantage - 2013

- site specific - LED - Piezo Buzzer - Mechanics