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Lightwork II

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light bulbs+dimmer circuit+timer

Lightwork II continues the theme of Lightwork I -to bring public attention to derelict buildings. Comissioned by the Borussia & Robert Bosch Foundations LIGHTWORK II was realised in architect Erich Mendelsohns first building Mendelsohns Haus. A Jewish Hall of Consecration in Olsztyn Poland, Mendelsohns birth place.
Lightwork II uses 29 Edison light bulbs plus a dimmer circuit to simulate the action of breathing and therefore life. Built between 1911-13 Mendelsohn Haus was last used for its intended purpose as a hall of consecration for the local Jewish community in 1943 during German National Socialist times.Then after WWII as an archive house during Russian socialist times. Abandoned in 1996 restorations works begun 2001 to return the building to its former elegance. Lightwork II is one of many stages to bring public attention to the rejuvenation of this most beautiful forgotten community building.