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Staalplaat Soundsystem @ LACE

-site specific-

re-purposed electrical trash



LACE hosts Dutch sound artist collective Staalplaat Soundsystem for a 10 day residency 20 Feb. – 1 March 2012. Within the current mood of worshipping the latest technology in media art, Staalplaat Soundsystem provides a breath of fresh air, reminding us of the 100-year tradition of noise-making machines, in which “mad” inventors and various kinds of artists operating in the margins of the art world meet. During their residency Staalplaat members Geert-Jan Hobijn and Carlo Crovato will construct a site specific, interactive sound installation that will also serve as the focal point for a participatory sound performance.

Using “everyday electronic junk” scavenged from thrift stores and donations, Hobijn and Crovato will fashion new “sound machines” that will be controllable by the audience via smartphones. As the residency proceeds the artists will create and add more machines to an ever-growing installation in LACE’s main gallery space. In the final phase of the residency they will re-locate the installation to the storefront space and set it up so that LACE visitors and the general public can conduct the “orchestra” via their mobile phone both inside and outside from the Walk of Fame.

Staalplaat Soundsystem in residence at LACE on Vimeo